Quality Control

We are professional manufacturer of 3D printer and filament. We have 2000㎡ plant, nearly 400 warehouse in Zhejiang, China.

Our dedicated team who are passionate and talented people to make something difference in 3D Printing industry since we start. By Counting the most popular hinders considering a DIY projects is- High price of Prototyping tools, Quality of DIY, And the Machine price. We start to make something difference to make your idea covert to real Products. We are working to have this commitment in our mind that the hardware and software development and community establishment, ensuring that we can provide high-quality, affordable and user-friendly well-build machines.

With a bunch of engineers in the team, we value the application of engineering; we believe in positive outcomes brought by tinkering; we never leave out details that determine user experience. We also maintain close and transparent communications with our users so that we can create what our users need. Every Machine in our Factory gone through several level Quality control. So that you can have a well-polished and ready to use Machine all-together in your hand.

Patent Certification